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this is my story


Hi, I'm Linda

I'm grateful you're here

Simply by being here, you are opening yourself up to the healing that is possible for you. I know, because I was once there. 

My healing journey begins when I was at my rock bottom. I was coming out of a violent relationship, dealing with sexual abuse, struggling with anxiety, depression, self-doubt, negative thoughts, an eating disorder, IBS, endometriosis, acne... I thought I was completely broken. 

So after years of trying to hide my gifts, I decided to dive into the path as a Wise Woman - I faced my shadows, my past, my trauma and now I give my life to help others walk through their healing journey.

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My story begins... 

What truly led me on this journey was the rock bottom, after a violent relationship and sexual abuse and struggling with depression, anxiety, self-doubt, feelings of never being good enough, an eating disorder, IBS, endometriosis, acne.... After years of trying to hide my gifts, I decided to dive into the path as a Wise Woman - I faced my shadows, my past, my trauma and now I give my life to help others walk through their healing journey.

I grew up in a small town in Sweden, and since an early age I was exposed to different Holistic healing modalities and traveled around the world to learn about different cultures, and I had the ability to see things beyond the veil (which I pushed away most of my life). 

After years of trying to fit in, doing 'the right thing", working in PR & Marketing, and in Real Estate/Property Management, I finally decided that I need to stay true to my purpose and focus 100% on my own business.

My road has been far from straight. From having a lot of faith growing up, I started to question everything, I stopped believing. I felt like all my teachers that taught me about faith were hypocrites, and it truly hurt my soul and I did not want to be a part of it.

I got caught up in being so disconnected from the world and myself.

It started with an eating disorder around the age of 17, which then led to a lot of partying and drinking. I moved to Australia when I was 20, far away from my family (sleepwalking). I was caught up in “trying to figure out life, and myself”. I stayed in Australia for almost a year, it all feels like a big blur. I came home with a bleeding ulcer and my body was telling me F NO!

That was my first step into mindfulness. I had to learn to handle stress (since I had always been a go-getter and in constant chase of wanting more), I had to learn how to be “in the moment”. I was 21 and that seemed impossible. Life continued to happen, and right before I was 25 some big life events happened (which led me on my way to the United States). I had a dream one night, and the dream was telling me to move to San Fransisco - I just knew I had to go.

A year before that dream I thought I had “it all”, I just got a corporate job working for Estee Lauder Companies with Sales & Marketing (a dream!), and I just bought a condo in my favorite neighborhood in Stockholm. Life had other things in mind. My partner I was with left me, and I tried to survive with this expensive condo on my own, but I realized that I had to sell it.

I had been to New York (I looove NY), and I also had the chance to visit LA and Vegas, so I was surprised to dream about San Francisco. But I trusted that “gut feeling” - which I now know was the beginning of my deep healing journey…

The thing is life in San Francisco was not as easy as I thought. The school was not in the city (false advertising for this international student lol), I lived on campus (Cal State East Bay) in Hayward for the first 4 months.

I was determined to find a place in the city, and I did, and it cost me all of my student money every month (welcome to SF, where a studio in the Tenderloin cost $1800 per month).

During this time I was hitting my Saturn Return, I ended up in a really toxic relationship, which was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive. It triggered a lot of things that I never healed from my teenage years, and other trauma I went through right before the US move.

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On my 25th birthday, 6 months before I moved to San Francisco

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Beginning of my 20s you would always see me with a drink in my hand

I ended up on rock bottom. I had no money, I did not know how I would be able to find a place on my own, my savings were gone. I felt like crap, with no self-esteem, totally freaking broken (or that’s what I thought I was).

In the midst of all of that, I started having some intense dreams that guided me to things like eating vegan/vegetarian, to go back to my old “woo-woo” books, to tap into the law of attraction. I had this rush of feeling “I got myself here, I can get myself out of it. I am not a victim”.

I started to manifest things one by one, it went FAST, and I dove (head first) down into this spiritual world and re-discovered my gifts along the way.


I also realized that even though I had been through abuse in all kinds of forms, the ones that had done it to me were also victims. We all carry our own “baggage”... I started to feel so much compassion and sadness for the world, for humanity. I started to nurture my inner child, and I learned that she had so much to say, and she had been through so much.

One of the constant (deep core wound) I kept going back to was “I don’t belong” (which is an abandonment wound).


Since I was a child I always felt misplaced, weird, different like there was something wrong with me. The eating disorder, anxiety, depression, IBS, endometriosis, acne, fibroids, cysts, ulcers…. the list goes on. All of those things were my body screaming to me “Wake up! embrace me, love me, see me”. So I did.


The deepest lessons I have got along the way is that we all have this guru within us, we all have the ability to heal.

My entire life I had been fighting with myself, I had been trying to change myself to fit into the “perfect” frame, I tried so hard to be anyone else but the person I was born to be - ME. I had been running away from myself, and I was exhausted. Luckily my body is sensitive, it tells me right away when I am “off track”, and today I am so thankful for that.

Along this healing journey (which will be a lifelong journey) I have not only studied myself, my deep shadows, and my inner core (a deep mystery that will take lifetimes to know), I have studied many different healing modalities and I have had many different teachers (whom I honor deeply). I have found my calling and that is to guide others on their Soul Path.

I started Love & Dharma Wellness in 2015, guiding people to become their best selves but it was not until fall 2019 that I fully left the corporate job (a big Real Estate Investment company in SF). Along the way, my guides told me that "you are The Light Mystic" - and so this brand, ME, who I truly am was born.

My inner Goddess was unleashed - The Light Mystic

I started to lead workshops under the New Moon shortly after that with another woman, Emily Atkinson. We both knew that leading circle, and holding space was what we were meant to do. Along this journey, The Revolutionary Woman was born, and later The Moon Society, and my current business Sacred Wild Living, LLC.

The one thing that has been constant in my life is my FAITH, and my sensuality, and how easy I can tap into it. But for the longest time, I was afraid and ashamed of it - my own power. I was afraid to unleash HER. Through the work I have been doing with Love & Dharma Wellness and The Revolutionary Woman, I have created The Empress Path & Emp(ress)owered Healing, for women to unleash their inner goddess and reclaim their self-worth, inner healer, and deep self-trust.


I have forgiven and asked for forgiveness, I have learned to reprogram my subconscious mind to understand my worth, I have learned how to MANIFEST some amazing things in my life.

I am currently located in Austin, Texas, and I am now married to an amazing man, I am a mom, (we have a boy named Wilder, & another one on the way), we have little dog Opie (a life I totally attracted!). I get to travel to some amazing places, I work for myself, I am wealthy, a published author.....and I am stoked to teach YOU more about how you can live in alignment with self and see the gifts that lies within you.

My biggest advice? INVEST IN YOURSELF, start a gratitude practice, FIND YOUR OWN FLOW, know thyself, come into alignment with who you are - and true success will follow!

I can’t wait to get to know you!

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For most of my life, I had low self-esteem, I use to hate my body and the way I looked. Constantly worried about what others thought of me. I died my hair dark when I was 18 as a way to rebel towards myself. My body was also constantly bloated due to inflammation. 


Marrying my king on 6/7/19, my Soul partner.


Carrying my baby boy, October 2020




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I'm an advocate for love and strongly believe anything is possible! When we get to know the core of ourselves, and let our walls fall down, when we allow ourselves to live from our heart, something truly magical happens. The moment we realize that we are worthy, the moment we can meet ourselves with compassion, we find that guru inside. Inner peace within, and life will happen FOR us.

I believe you will know within yourself, if I am the right guide for you. Trust that, there is no need for me to try and convince you.

Blessings, Linda


let's do this together
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