Soulful & {Sensual} Coaching 

- Unleash your inner Empress


I believe who you are is a Divine, Feminine, force of nature.

Yes, YOU.

This program is for you:

You want to feel “turned on” by life

You are always putting everyone else before yourself

Feel like there must be more to life

That doesn’t even know what pleasure feels like

That have lost your self-worth or don’t even know if you ever had it

The mom that want to find your way back to connecting to your body


That doesn’t even know what pleasure feels like

You are sick and tired of feeling tired!


A Letter to Women

This is for the woman that has been through trauma, pain, heartbreak, sadness, grief, discernment, anger.....


We have been shamed for so long so we don’t know any better as women, we think the constant "fixing" of ourselves is part of life, and that loving our self is a foreign thing.

The “norm” is to give our power away and have self-doubt.


Like a wallflower, blending in, not wanting to stick out and always nurturing others.


Shamed for wanting pleasure. For even loving ourselves.

This disconnect has caused so much pain to the female body and mind - it has made us forget who we are.


It has removed us so far from our inner Goddess

Sensual Awakening

From our core, the essence of our beings.


We are soulful, loving, sensual queens that crave more.


We crave a physical connection but in a much deeper way than what we are used to.


We are not meant to be slaves to men or anyone else.


We are meant to roam free, to be wild - to feel alive - to live with our hearts open.

Unafraid and untamed.


We are yearning to feel touched, our bodies and mind want to feel touched and to feel wanted, by OURSELVES.

Image by Brittani Burns

"Linda has transformed my life in so many ways. She has helped me change the way I see things, and myself. I now have the tool to focus on the things that I want to focus on! I was stuck in the past and in a negative spiral. Releasing energy and rethinking the way I look at the world, food.. Wow I can actually now live my life."

- Christy

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Third Eye

Our wombs are in need of love and attention. 


In need of connection and embrace.


It’s the part of us where our feminine divine source lies - life force - shakti, kundalini energy. The place of birth, creativity, nurturing.


We have lost it and we want it back.


We deserve to have it back.


Our sensual nature is our birthright but for far too long we have been silenced and our silence is causing us depression, to gossip and dislike other women (instead of celebrating), to hate our bodies, to be fearful and worried, to feel disgusted by our bodies (and pussies), to burn out, and even causing ur dis-EASE in our bodies.


Our “social duties” are leaving no room for self-love & self-care and we are feeling guilty when we are giving ourselves time.

Women are Powerful

Women are Soulful

Women are Sensual

Women are not meant to be tamed

Women are what makes this world go around

Friends Covering Eyes


It’s time we take the power back and start loving the sh*t out of ourselves.


It’s time we hear the voice of our inner Goddess.


It’s time SHE wakes up so the whole world can feel alive again!


Are you ready to awaken your inner fierce aliveness?


Let’s begin the journey - your Soul Path home


What does this journey include?

  • Walk your Soul Path - Deep journey work into your inner being 

  • Inner Child Work

  • Life Coaching Tools

  • Identify and release limiting beliefs

  • Mindset Shifting

  • Manifestation Tools - How to become a magnet for whatever you desire (include learning how to manifest through orgasms)

  • Sensual Movement

  • Trauma Release

  • Guided Meditations & Affirmations

  • Easy to understand workbooks

  • Life hacks & biohacking tools to optimize your health

  • Learn the power of goal setting - and how to become turned on by your goals!

  • Unleash the inner Empress Work - breath-work, connect to your chakras & womb wellness 

This is a WHOLE being approach, your body is an eco-system, and it's all connected - Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit.
We are going on a journey to connect all parts of you.
With live calls, energy healing, and assignments. 


  • A whole new sense of self

  • Confidence

  • Passion

  • Newfound "turn on" attitude to life

  • To see the magic in real life

  • Uncover your sexiness

  • More purpose

  • Freedom to be fully self-expressed

  • Learn how to overcome procrastination 

  • Learn how to overcome fear (of failure, of success, of not being enough, of being too much, of ....add whatever it is fear might be blocking you from life)

  • A magnet for a high-vibe life 

  • Deep self-love 

Are you ready to take a chance on your life?


"The one thing that has been constant in my life is my sensuality, and how easy I can tap into it. But for the longest time, I was afraid and ashamed of it - my own power. I was afraid to unleash HER. Through the work I have been doing with Love & Dharma Wellness and The Revolutionary Woman, I have created the Soulful & {Sensual} Coaching program, for women to unleash their inner goddess and reclaim their self-worth and sensuality."

- Linda 

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OK, so what is your investment in this?

There are different options to join this program, please contact me for a consultation.