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Discover the power of Frequency

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
- Nikola Tesla

What would it feel like in you body to never have to make a decision again in your life based on your bank account or money, and instead making every decision based on your frequency and alignment?

What dreams would you make real? What would you create if you didn't have limitations?


Take a moment and sit with these questions. How do they feel in your body?

What possibilities could you bring in?


Aligning to our highest potential is possible, it's there for you to claim it.

It's your birthright.


That's the possibilities when you start working and understanding the power of frequencies.


Let me share a bit about Healy and the possibility of creating leveraged income and becoming a part of an incredible community that is changing the world, a community that will hold you in your vision and help you make your dreams reality - or you can just invest in the Healy device itself without making it a business :)

Honestly, I was skeptical at first too. I've been teaching and practicing energy healing for years, I thought I didn't "need" any other tools... But I also prayed for something like this to take me further on my path of understanding frequencies.

When I invested in my Healy I did it to use in my practice, little did I know I would fall in love with this little device and make it a part of my business.


The Healy quantum frequency device is a lightweight, wearable holistic machine that mergers health, spirituality, science, & technology. The next evolution of biohacking, wellness, and human optimization. Healy analyzes us in our original blueprint and identifies everything in our physical body & energetic field that is not in alignment. It then recommends frequency programs that will start to shift those energetic blocks, bringing us back into coherence, balance, alignment.


The human body is made up of 99.999999% energy.


“If you understand that disease exists as a pattern in the field, then if you change the field, you change the matter.” Dr Joe Dispenza

What if you could optimize your health, wealth and wellbeing?

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, it's the evolution of wellness, biohacking and wellbeing with frequencies,


Healy has over 10.1 million frequencies that deliver individualized micro-current frequency (IMF) programs which supports:


  • Sleep

  • Mental balance

  • Fitness

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Meridians

  • Chakras

  • Beauty

  • Learning

  • Prosperity & Abundance

  • Subconscious Reprogramming

  • Discomfort/pain and more!


(Resource: My Healy Community @the.freedomfrequency - Instagram)

The new paradigm of health, wellness & wealth creation with frequency is here.


About Healy: Frequency Device

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MagHealy: Frequency for spaces, water restructuring and physical body

Cheat Codes With Dr. Michele Patrick and Taryn Lee - TCM and Healy

"This is a great serie  (and many more videos available than listed) diving deep into how to incorporate diet, lifestyle AND frequency medicine to support the following areas of your health. Dr. Michele Patrick is an absolute body master incorporating many modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine. Healy is not a bandaid but an amplifier."

Healy as a Frequency tool is a tool in my toolkit, just like with everything else, I believe we are our greatest healers. 

Sleep Hormones Headaches Gut and bowel Eternal youth Beauty


“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”
- Albert Einstein

One on One


Little did I know that Healy would come into my life, literally answered prayers. It took me on a deep shadow work journey to heal ancestral wounds, and money blocks at a quantum level...
I believe we all can connect to our inner Power, and we have the right to claim our abundance, for its our birth right - and this tool is a great guide to truly becoming your own Healer & aligning to your Highest Potential.

This tool is like a bridge between Spirituality and Science, and I believe without a doubt that Frequency is the future!

Want to learn more about how this device not only supports your own healing journey, but is also a leveraged income stream adding more wealth to your life?

And want free mentorship from me?

Let’s make an impact together!
It's time you aligned to your Highest Frequency! 

Email me at or go to my Healy link HERE 
Xo, Linda

Disclaimer:  *Disclaimer: The links shared for obtaining your own device are my affiliate links from which I would receive a commission when you purchase. Should you choose to make Healy your business, you would become part of my network of leaders and healers and will receive mentorship from me in growing your business. The Healy as FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)“cleared” for the local treatment of pain as described in the official Healy “Notices” (see website, etc.) The FDA 510(k) clearance is specifically for  local treatment of pain, and the Frequency Programs in the Healy software provide separate and different kinds of benefits.  In addition to the 510(k) there are non-medical Frequency Programs that have not yet been proven by Western medical science.  It's not meant to treat, prevent or cure.



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