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lets unleash your inner power


I believe who you are is a Divine, Powerful, force of nature.
Yes, YOU.

Is any of this resonating with you?

  • Keep feeling stuck​

  • You are always putting everyone else before yourself

  • Want to get clarity on your path

  • Want to feel confident​ as a space holder

  • ​Ready to release past trauma

  • Feel like you are not enough

  • Stuck in toxic behaviors ​

  • You are ready to call in abundance & deep healing into your life 


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Together we go on a journey into remembering and reclaiming who you are underneath all the doubt, trauma, drama, past mistakes,  a coming home to a deep self-acceptance.

This is for the woman that has been through trauma, pain, heartbreak, sadness, grief, lack of love for self, disconnection from pleasure and your intuition.

We have been shamed for so long .


 We think the constant "fixing" of ourselves is part of life, and that loving our self is a foreign thing.

The “norm” is to give our power away and have self-doubt.


Like a wallflower, blending in, not wanting to stick out and always nurturing others.


Shamed for wanting pleasure.

Shamed for our darkness and emotions.

This disconnect has caused so much pain to the female body and mind - it has made us forget who we are.

It's time you allow space for YOU to grow and flourish into the person you were always meant to be.

It's time you understand your worth and embody all that you are!

Society has removed us from our inner Goddess.
Our inner Empress.
It's time we reclaim HER & our sovereignty.
A path to wholeness.

Third Eye

"Linda has transformed my life in so many ways. She has helped me change the way I see things, and myself. I now have the tool to focus on the things that I want to focus on! I was stuck in the past and in a negative spiral. Releasing energy and rethinking the way I look at the world, my body, food.. Wow I can actually now live my life."

- Christy

What does this journey include?

  • Walk your Soul Path - Deep journey work into your inner being 

  • Inner Child Work

  • Soulful Life Coaching

  • Identify and release limiting beliefs

  • Money Mindset Mastery 

  • Mirror Work

  • Quantum Healing 

  • Orgasmic + Somatic Breathwork™️

  • Sensual Embodiment & Movement

  • Trauma Release

  • Guided Meditations & Affirmations

  • Deep Energy Healing

  • Life hacks & biohacking tools to optimize your health

  • Learn the power of goal setting - and how to become turned on by your goals!

  • Unleash the inner Empress Work - tantra, connect to your chakras, womb wellness and more!

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This is a WHOLE being approach, your body is an eco-system, it's all connected - Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit.
We are going on a journey to connect all parts of you, for you to remember and find wholeness within yourself.

"Your healing journey is sacred. It's a re-membering of who you are, who you've always been."

- Linda Addis



Most of us have that part of ourselves that doesn't feel worthy.

That inner doubt.

The fear.


It can show up in many ways and forms, like living a life trying to "prove a point", or being afraid to take chances, staying stuck because you are afraid of change, or living somebody else's dream..

That feeling of being "broken", needing to "get fixed".

In the world of self-improvement the real message got lost, instead of accepting and remembering our wholeness, we have been believe that we need to be improved and "fixed".

But what if real self-love is self-acceptance.

What if we are not meant to become anything, but rather un-become all the things that have conditioned us, and remember who we actually are underneath all the layers of programming.


It's a reclamation of Self.




When we realize that we do not need to be fixed, but rather heal our wound of hatred towards ourselves and find deep peace within.

When we accept our humanness and realize that life is happening NOW.

And it's either working for us, or against us.

Unleash your fullest potential.

It's time to come into alignment with WHO YOU ARE, and why you are here.

It's time to unleash your inner power and find core love for life and yourself.

It's time to heal, come into wholeness.

It's time to remember & reclaim.



Because you are worthy of greatness.

You deserve to see your own worth.

Your guide

My name is Linda and I have been guiding people through their healing and spiritual awakening journeys for over 7 years.


I'm a mystic, medicine woman, mother, writer, quantum healer, yoga teacher...

My own journey from rock bottom, after a domestic abuse, lack of confidence, health issues, no money in the bank, and more, has led me to a path of service. It's a true honor to see people rise to their fullest potential, and I have supported over a thousand people on their journeys with different events, trainings, workshops, online communities, 1-on-1 sessions, and more.

This specific coaching program has helped hundreds of people since it was first created in 2018, and it was birthed throughout my own healing journey from depression, eating disorders, acne, and other health issues.

But it was re-birthed after I birthed my son, with new tools and deeper lessons.

I used my own tools to get my confidence back (after pregnancy and giving birth), to reconnect back to my body, my sensuality, my sexuality, myself, my life.

The impact these tools have had on my life has been life-changing and I realized that my own trauma has been the catalyst for a deep transformation ad that's why I serve as a sacred space holder for others.

Read more about my story here


"You will never be ready, you just have to take action anyway, even the smallest step counts.
And when you are willing to take that
step, I'll be here to guide you."
Xo, Linda

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