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I'm Linda

Entrepreneur, Spiritual Guide, Medicine Woman, Happiness Catalyst, Mother, Writer & Channeler of Love

I'm a Multidimensional Being & Mystical Mama, and I am so happy you landed on my page because you did it for a reason. 

My name is Linda Addis I am a Guide & Mentor for women who have lost the spark in life.


Through my Soulful & {Sensual} Coaching & Light Language, Workshops + Classes, I'm here to help you connect with your mind, body + Spirit - while making it all feel like fun and exciting!


A few of my guilty pleasures are fancy dark chocolate, ecstatic dance, late-night reading + making spells & potions!


Get ready to transform your life, it's time you unleash your inner Goddess and feel passionate about your life.


Start Your Journey

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Energy Healing (Reiki) & Light Activations

- Release -

This is the first step in working with me, we dive into your story, your life, trauma, what's holding you back.  

Our bodies hold on to trauma, so the first thing we must do is to connect & release.

Trauma to the body can be in many forms such as, birth, loss, sexual trauma, abuse, eating disorders, or our own inner "mean girl".

Let's embark on your Soul Path to meet your inner Goddess

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Soulful & {Sensual}

- Restore & Rebuild -

Next step: Spiritual Guidance mixed with Life Coaching to help you go deeper by connecting to our sensuality, your needs, and your inner core.

You will learn how to connect to your Mind, Body & Spirit. Aka bring passion, fire, success & Magic to your life!

Expand your life and find your purpose!

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Online Courses & Community

- Connect -

Looking for a community of badass women where you can feel safe?

Join The Revolutionary Woman - The place to talk about how bloody messy it is to be a woman.

A place where we talk about womanhood, menstruation, how to live in sync with your own flow and the Moon, and other witchy stuff!

Wanna know if I am the right guide for you? Schedule a FREE consultation today!

From My Blog

A wellness lifestyle blog about womanhood, life, women's health, mindset, happiness, and healing.

"Linda’s essence is pure love. She taught me to trust my intuition and listen to my body. After working with her for a year, I have gained more peace, a better sense of self . Thank you so much, Linda!"
- Yiying Lu


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"After one session, I was absolutely hooked. I walked in feeling out of body and left feeling hopeful. Linda welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel safe while reminding you of the power you've always harnessed within yourself. Linda has gifted me with so many tools and I am forever grateful to have someone like her in my corner. Follow your gut and see her. You won't be disappointed. "

Lauren Newbold

Human Resources


"I wholeheartedly believe that where I am today is because I said yes to that first session. Over the course of the last two years, I have faced some of my deepest insecurities and fears and I have let go certain doubts and ways of being that have plagued me my entire life. Ultimately, because of the work that I have done with Linda I have been able to step into a power I had no idea I had."

Candee Lozano
Property Management


"Linda has the ability to make you feel super comfortable as if you have known each other forever! Her upbeat and fun approach to the many difficult aspects of life, instantly makes your guard come down. She holds space for you, while still nudging you and holding you accountable. My distant Reiki sessions with Linda have always left me feeling lighter, brighter, and inspired! Her abilities never cease to amaze me and always come from pure love light. "

Marissa Rodriguez

Artist & Writer

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