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22 Solar Flare & Ascension Symptoms

Solar flares have been affecting the Earth for a while, but recently it's been blast that have affected many to a new level. If you have been feeling any of these, then here are some suggestions to help with the ascension symptoms.

Solar flares can affect us on a physical level

Have you heard about solar flares before?

Some say it doesn't affect humans, only the earth, technology and animals - LOL (yeah, but not humans huh?)

I know it affects humans, as an energy reader I must say that these solar flares have been intense since 2020.

And the last month I have been feeling very loopy, and like I am “in between worlds” - well, more than usual, since I live partly in the clouds.

It has been hard to stay grounded, and I know a lot of people around me have been feeling some kind of sickness.

Our human bodies are integrating all of this energy and it can take a toll on our bodies.

Have you been feeling it?? I’ve also had the craziest dreams.

What are solar flares?

“Solar flares are giant explosions on the sun that send energy, light & high speed particles into space”.

Maybe you have felt things like (inspired by "A Girl In The Universe"):

  • Nausea,

  • Fatigue,

  • Headache,

  • Tingles throughout your system,

  • Old pains resurfacing,

  • Anxiety, depression or even anger as old traumas are released.

  • Unbelievable Euphoria as you tap into the Love around you.

  • Hot or Cold Flashes,

  • Restless body Symptoms, Cravings for odd foods,

  • Inability to eat,

  • Extreme Thirst,

  • Urgent need to Urinate,

  • Diarrhea,

  • Sore or dry throat,

  • Low grade fever,

  • Tender breasts,

  • Cramping,

  • Back aches,

  • Heart and chest pounding that can go into your back (heart chakra),

  • Side pains,

  • Itching,

  • Maybe your phone & computer has been acting up?

What can you do to support your body through these intense shifts?

  • Stay grounded

  • Take walks outside

  • Eat grounding food

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Meditation & Breathwork

  • Movement - Shake your body, move any stagnant energy!

Taurus Season

We also just moved into the beautiful Taurus season, which is a very grounded energy.

I love the Taurus energy, to indulge in some luxury and pleasure and it reminds us to slow down.

It can be a very slow moving energy, but I feel like I am definitely embracing that slowness this month - I have a lot of things that I want to get done, but I am allowing myself to have faith that even with this slow energy I will get things done.

Are you feeling like you want to release some energy right now? Maybe you are feeling sluggish, or just ungrounded?

Hop on a FREE call with me, I would love to support you! BOOK HERE




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