Even though we are heading towards the longest day of the year, light is going to expand humans

Updated: Feb 18

After sitting with the potential time line of chaos, I was seeing how we all are awakening around the globe. Like light light bulbs popping up everywhere.

Starseed beings, light activation, galactic messages
We are being Divinely supported through this chaotic year of 2020.

I was being shown that our minds are right now our biggest weapon.

Yes there is a war between the light and the dark but yet it’s only in the 3D reality.

There are many out there supporting the human race, supporting our cause for unity and for a time lines of peace and health.

I was seeing the time line of darkness poisoning our minds and I am happy I got to see it to realize I have to step out of it and stop feeding into it like I mentioned the other day.

We have a powerful portal of light opening now 12/12 and a Solar Eclipse abs New Moon in Sagittarius that is activating and bringing promises of hope to this world and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

We are asked to enjoy this lockdown, not fight it.

To go within, to disconnect from the outside. To trust our intuition.

I was hearing two other channelers yesterday hearing the same message, one from the Galactic Federation.

So this is a reminder to you to continue to stay in your highest vibration and pull your energy from anything that drains you right now.

Focus on things that are fueling your soul.
Nurture you physical body.
Turn off the news.

The information you need will come to you.

Trust to go within.

I can feel the portal of light opening and it is with a lot of relief that I can now feel it.

We are allowed to go “down the rabbit hole” at times, to check-in with the "temperature of the world" but we have to get ourselves out of that dark web, for otherwise we will feed to matrix.

So dear brothers and sisters know that we are moving towards a period of light coming to the Earth and know that together we can continue to support others in their awakening by staying in the hugest frequency.

If you read my post the other day you see how I realized that I was pushing “my agenda” and trying to speak up to wake up.

But we cannot wake up someone who is still asleep, they need to get themselves there.

This week I have been sitting with the idea that people tend to want to quick fix and they search for answers in gurus, teachers and mentors.

When they are given tools, that might bring up trauma they blame the teachers (gurus etc).

It’s time we all take responsibility for our own healing.

There are so many tools out there for us. So many teachers to support us, but only OURSELVES are responsible for our healing journey.

If we feel confused, lost and scared it’s up to us to search for the support we need.

For the next year I offer you an advice to truly take responsibility and notice how much you blame other people for your problems or your situation.

Get to know yourself, take responsibility and continue to raise your frequency.

The healing never stops and you will never understand everything.

Check in with your ego.

Check in with your thoughts.

Check in with your body.

Are you acting from the highest good or from old wounds and triggers.

Blessings to you all




We are many starseeds on this planet here to expand the consciousness of the world

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