How to create a New Moon ritual in your own home

Every month we get the opportunity to set new intentions, and to call in things into our lives that we want to manifest. Learn how to work with energies of the moon to create your dream life.

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Lean how to create a powerful New Moon ritual and how to manifest anything you desire

The moon is a beautiful reminder of how we can allow ourselves to come back to our intentions every month, and how we an allow ourselves to release what's no longer serving us.

The moon goes through 8 phases throughout the month, it constantly ebbs and flows and it can be a reminder of our own cyclical nature.

"Moon Phases refers to the different appearance of the Moon as seen from Earth. There are 8 main phases of the moon: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. These phases repeat themselves about once every 29.5 days."

The new moon is a beautiful time to set intentions and think about what you want to call into your life

Have you ever done new year resolutions/intentions, and forgot about them?

Well, with the new moon you get the chance to look over what you want to call into your life every month - and then release anything that is no longer serving you with the full moon (more about that in another post).

The new moon is a great time to go within and think about the things you want to call into your life. It use to be a time when farmers planted new seeds.

I love creating sacred rituals, habits that becomes a practice to allow myself to connect to my dreams, my goals and my wishes. I started to connect to the moon over 11 years ago!

I have manifested my dream life, and I definitely thank the rituals I have created - NEW MOON WISHES WORKS!

Suggested New Moon ritual:

Step 1: Smudge your space and yourself (I suggest you use an herb that grows in your own "backyard", make sure to treat any herbs as sacred - I will talk about this more in another post).

Step 2: Make 3-10 wishes/intentions. These are the things you’re calling into your life.

You can focus on short term goals (what you’d like to manifest in the next month) and/or long term goals. There is no right or wrong here, and the more you set your intentions the clearer you’ll become on what you’re asking for.

When you declare your intentions I suggest using a present or past tense for the wording. This shows the Universe and yourself that you believe what you are wishing for is possible.

Also, the clearer you are the better. Get as specific as possible!

Another suggestion is to use at least one of your intentions to call in things for the greater good of humanity. It can also be super powerful to work with the energy of what Astrological sign the moon is in.

When you’re finished with your wishes at the end of the list write:

“All of this is coming true and so it be!” or "this or something better and so it be”.

Let yourself dream BIG! Let yourself go outside of what you think is possible. Be open to receive, and try not to be attached to the outcome. Things might come into your life in ways you did not expect - pay attention to your dreams.

*Please do not make wishes for someone else, or ask someone to feel a certain way about you. There is free will, and it’s important that we make these wishes about us. We can make wishes for us to be more supportive for certain people, or we can send them love and prayers.

Step 3: Gratitude

Practice gratitude every day and acknowledge the blessings that come into your life by writing it down in your journal. The more gratitude and appreciation we have, and the fewer attachments, the more aligned we are to our purpose. Things tend to be more in flow. When we are aligned and in flow, things come into our lives in beautiful ways with ease. Please note: Sometimes we ask for things to come, and it shows up as a big lesson instead of the blessing we hoped for. This can sometimes be the Universe’s way of showing us that we have some work to do or that we have been calling in things from Ego, and not from alignment with our true purpose.

Step 4: Release attachments of the outcome.

I believe in the importance to revisit your New Moon wishes each month to see what have come into your life, and to take your time to reflect - and again, most importantly to have gratitude for the things that are coming into your live. Also see what things you thought you wanted, that might shift as you go on this journey.

Living in sync with the moon as women just gives us a chance to see how our own menstrual cycles are connected to the moon and we constantly are going through phases of growing and releasing, death and rebirth. Every month we get to revisit our dreams and our intentions, and it gives us the opportunity to constantly grow and to bring more self-awareness into our lives because it always brings us to the question "what do I want in my life?", and as women we tend to over-give to others and not really put ourselves first.

Are you curious how to continue living in sync with the moon and how to do your own full moon ritual? Join our monthly Sacred Community Calls - where we discuss all the fun things!

Your intentions, the things you want to call into your life is not just about "wanting" something but they can become a part of your healing journey. You might think you "want" something to come into your life, but as you continue to sit with your new moon ritual, you might see that what you though you wanted ... was actually not your wishes at all, but societal things that have been put on you.

LAST NOTE: HAVE FUN SETTING INTENTIONS & THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG HERE! Invite your inner child, tap into your joy and creativity!

Your intention journey might look different than someone else's, and it might shift, just like mine has. Different things works for different people. No need to make yourself wrong, or think you are not "doing it right".

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PS. The energy is the strongest around 9 hours after a new moon, but it's still a great time to manifest 3 days around the new moon.



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