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How to Unleash Your Inner Goddess - Embodied Empress Program

Having spent most of my life hiding my true colors, I know how frustrating it can be to feel disconnected from your body or the world. Trauma or increased anxiety can make you neglect yourself. But it’s never too late to take the extra step and decide to reclaim your life. In this article I will show you how my course can help you re-discover yourselves and unleash your inner goddesses

Women are not taught how to fully love and accept ourselves. We are taught that we constantly have to change the way we look, the way we think, to look pretty, to smile, to be quit, to "act like a lady"


My name is Linda Addis and I am a Spiritual Guide that coaches women who want to reclaim their sensuality and heal from trauma. My personal experience showed me that we all have a guru inside us, and, thus, we are all able to heal.

Throughout my life I have been dealing with anxiety, depression, eating- disorder, and low self-esteem because I felt disconnected from my inner self and the world. Financial difficulties and toxic relationships have led me to hit rock bottom in my life, but I have managed to regain control by diving deep into spirituality and mindfulness.

For this reason, I have created a course, in which I train women to get closer to themselves and release their inner powers.

Soulful & {Sensual} Coaching

Embodied Empress is for those of you that feel that they have lost your self-worth and need to feel “turned-on” by life again. Societal duties and patriarchy have constrained us for far too long.

Now we want to roam wild and free, to experience pleasure and feel touched both physically and spiritually.

In my course, we dive into your story and trauma. We first find the thing that’s holding you back and release it. This trauma can have various meanings, from literal, such as sexual abuse, to a metaphorical one to refer to the constraining voice inside our heads or the “mean girl”.

Women have always nurtured others, with the result of forgetting about their own needs. Feeling ashamed to feel pleasure, women are always obliged to provide care or compete with each other instead of embracing their uniqueness.

For this reason, I incorporate movement (Sampoorna Yoga, and Sensual Flow Yoga), tantra, shamanistic practices, tarot, crystal & sound healing, herbalism, astrology, channeled messages of light, life & wellness coaching, to guide you through your healing journeys.

Together we can begin your journey to meet your inner Goddess. Let HER shine again and reclaim your life.

Through my Embodied Empress we will, also, discover your inner magic. The Light Mystic is my inner Goddess. With this name, I was reborn and embraced my sensuality and my inner shadows. So I am here to help you do the same.

Don’t let others or society dictate who you should be.

Discover your powers, embrace them, and never feel disconnected again.

With my course, you will learn to listen to your body and release your energy to the world. You can visit my website for more information about me, and connect with me on Instagram. I would love to hear your stories and share our experiences.

Until then, my Queens, keep shining!

Oh, before you leave. Don't forget to get your FREE gift


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