Lion's Gate Portal Light Language Activation

Updated: Feb 18

The Lion's Gate Portal happens every year, and is something that use to be celebrated in ancient Egypt. I was guided to host this event, and also share the message and the healing light language for the collective. The Activations are just as potent to watch the replay as they where when they where channeled Live.

Starseed and light language activation
This video is from the Lion's Gate Portal, channeled messages and light healing codes from Goddess Isis and The Pleiadian Council.

Lion's Gate Portal

This Live recording is from the Leo New Moon, Leo Sun and Lions Gate Portal on 8.8.21.The transmissions brings an enormous abundance and a chance for us all to embrace the chaos. To allow the chaos and separation that is going on in the world to lead to unity and love.

These are deep energetic codes that will activate your DNA. The star Sirius (our Spiritual Sun) aligns every year to Orion's belt and our Sun, and this Portal was also on new moon in Leo.

In this portal you will receive deep abundance, if you allow it. You will receive a deep healing to release blocks, for us to embrace our triggers and shadows. To embrace the chaos and make “fear” your friend and how to feel love for “your enemies”.

The transmissions that you will receive will be of unconditional love, and will help you on your spiritual awakening no matter where you are on that journey.

This portal is a deep acceptance of ourselves and the human race.
There is a channeled healing transmission from the Goddess Isis to activate your Kundalini Energy, and codes and activations from Atlantis and Ancient Egypt along with deep healing transmissions from the Pleiadian Council.

What if I listen long after the Live event?

These transmissions can be received at anytime, as many times as you feel called to listen to them. Please know that times is not linear and it doesn't matter that this event occurred on 8.8.21, for the activations have no timeline.

All of the activations can bring us closer to Source and to our own truth, to live in deep unconditional love. It allows us to live in unity and to bring balance and harmony into the Collective.

There are also activations from Gaia, Mother Earth, for us all to connect to her grids that are being activated.

You will receive guides and codes from them, but also your own spirit team. And this will activate a resonance for us all to live at a higher frequency. This portal that happens every year is a chance for renewal. And this time more than ever it is very important for us all to come together. Coming together as a collective of light workers, healers, no matter where or who you are. The fact that you’re reading this is for you to receive this message and receive this invitation to listen to this channeled message. And invitation to change, for great change, not only in yourself but in the collective.

Receive these beautiful Christ Consciousness and unconditional love codes. For you to activate a deep remembrance in your true self.


Linda @thelightmystic


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