Have you tried Magic Moon Water?

OK, so deep inside we all believe in Magic, at least our inner child does! Here is a simple, but a potent recipe for Magic Moon Water. Which can be really healing for your physical, mental & emotional body. Let's be a little witchy, and try it out!

Because making Magic Moon Water is fun!

FUN TIP: How to make Magic (Moon) Water

It's so simple to make, but so potent!

Here is how I make it - and what you need:

1. Choose a Moon phase (simple is to go with New Moon or Full Moon)

Full Moon = Releasing something from your life/being/body

New Moon = Calling in, manifesting, goal setting, manifestations

2. A glass jar/container that you need to smudge/cleanse (cleanings the jar is important to make sure that there is no negative energy stuck in the jar).

3. Crystals: Choose a crystal that you feel called to use


  • Rose quartz for love/relationships/heart chakra

  • Citrine for health/abundance/wealth/self-esteem/solar plexus chakra

  • Smokey quartz for grounding, mood swings, and balance emotions

  • Auralite 23 "the Dancing of the Spirits", helps with spiritual awakening and to quit the "monkey mind"

  • Amethyst another great crystal for spiritual wellbeing, intuition, inspiration, and creative ideas

  • Obsidian to calm a negative mind and aboard negative energy

There are so many different crystals to choose from, trust your intuition!

Bonus tip: Add 1-2 clear quartz to whatever crystal you choose to amplify the other crystal.

Please note: Some crystals can be toxic to digest, so make sure you ask someone before choosing to put your crystal in water and some crystals are not meant to be in the water

3. Say a blessing to the water = what is your intention with this water? Give thanks and gratitude

4. Place the water under the moonlight (I suggest placing it actually outside and not just in a window)

5. Put in fridge and drink when needed, I suggest you drink it over a few days/week and not the whole container at once. When drinking it stop and breathe and again say thanks and feel gratitude.

You can also add essential oils to it, feel free to email me back with any questions! I love making these magic waters - and I love to hear from you.

This is a perfect treat of Magic in your every day life!

Stay safe, and lean into love!

I am here at any time to hold space for you! Please feel free to tag me in your Magic Moon Water making, I would love to hear from you! Let's be friends on Instagram @thelightmystic

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Potions are so fun to make, natures medicine.

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Resource: Some information about crystals comes from "Crystals for Healing" by Karen Frazier

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