Manifest Abundance in Your Life

Don’t we all want an abundant life? An abundance of money, love, sensuality, MONEY. Yes, most of us want abundance. But do you really know what abundance is? In this post, we talk about how we can start manifest abundance by redefining how we think.

A gratitude attitude can change your life

The world seems to be hurting, that we are stuck in fear, that something is ours to get us. We crave the “normal” to come back, we miss the things we once took for granted.

The question is, what in your life are you taking for granted right now?

It’s actually a loop that we humans get ourselves into, we constantly act surprised when we lose things (like our job) but we forget how much we have been complaining about that thing (ie job).

We miss the normal right now but are we taking this time for gratitude and learning something or are we still sitting at home complaining and being in fear.

Yeah, I know. I am just being honest here.

Just to clarity, this situation can bring up fear, and that’s normal. We should not disregard our emotions & feelings, but when they come up we should notice them and release them with gratitude

More about that soon. I am mentioning all of this because it goes go Manifesting Abundance in your life. You see, you will not attract things into your life when you are constantly complaining about what you already have.

Sometimes that might seem hard because maybe your situation is really hard right now.

I get it, I have been on the rock bottom, stuck in fear, without money and felt like the world was out to get me. My attitude and learning how to #manifest changed my life.

That is why I am telling you that this works, the thing is most of us get stuck in complaining more than we are grateful and these things matter when we are trying to manifest BIG things!

First, we have to take a look at the word abundance - what does it mean??


The word Abundant means "a very large quantity of something", but most of us don't truly believe that life can be abundant? We think that things are limited, that there isn't enough for all of us. We live with blindfolds on thinking that we need to have specific things, or that only some deserve an abundant life. For me "An Abundant Life" means having a life that is blissful, plenty, and everything I ever need.

That can be achieved in a moment.

Yep, you can live an abundant life NOW. It's not something you need to manifest, for when you constantly think you need to call it in, you miss that point to see that life is abundant just the way it is.

You can live an abundant life in an instant. It's all about shifting your mindset and leaning into gratitude

Look at nature, no matter what happens (fires, storms, hurricanes, the seasons) nature always comes back. The trees get new leaves, the flowers always bloom in the spring. Mother Earth is abundant and there is an abundance of love everywhere. If we only decide to tap into it.

Gratitude Attitude

Yes, you got to have a gratitude attitude in order to manifest the things you want in life. Without gratitude, you will never see the abundant life you are already living.

How to feel abundant in an instant:

Step 1

  • Write all the things you have, and feel grateful for them (including the phone or computer you use to read this on)

  • Feel grateful for the money you ever received. How many times do you say "thank you" when you get paid? You take it for granted because you have a job right? Look back at your life and think about how money has come into your life, and this doesn't mean in the form of cash or directly to your bank account. Did you have electricity growing up, food on the table, a roof over your head, and clothes to wear? No matter how our childhood was we can see that we had more than we thought... so go back and just say "thank you".

  • Do you have a bed to sleep on, and maybe a TV? Think about how amazing it is that you have been able to receive so many good things in life.

  • Then for 7 days (minimum) write down 5 things every day that you are grateful for and say "thank you".

Gratitude is not just a practice, it's a feeling, an emotion, an attitude

Step 2

For 24 hours don't complain or say anything negative about your life, yourself and others. When you do, notice, and say something you are grateful for.

Step 3

For the next 7 days take note of how many times you complain about how hard life is. Just notice. You can even have a place (a journal or on your phone) that you can write it down and track it to see your patterns.

Attachements & Gratitude

Once you have done this for 7 days you will notice a slight shift. Maybe there is something underneath that needs to be healed? Maybe you are noticing that you have so much more than you thought? Maybe you noticed that you complain a lot?

Back again to gratitude, this is the key ingredient in your manifestations.

Another secret? Don't be attached to the outcome. Ex: if you are calling in money into your life, don't expect it to come in the form of cash and money to your bank account that I previously mentioned. This can come in many forms, like an increase in salary, a friend offering you a free item that they no longer use that you want, or a special sale that just happen to happen when you are calling in money.

We get attached to the idea of life and how things will come to us that we get disappointed when things don't show up the way we "wanted".

That my friend goes straight back to having a gratitude attitude! The more we appreciate life and the things we have and the more "thank you" we say - to everything!

The more we will get, it's magic!

It's all about mindset and truly seeing that whatever we put out, we get back. It's the law of quantum physics (it's actually not as woo-woo as you think...I mean I am sure you have heard about Albert Einstein huh?)

These tips might seem simple, but that's the whole idea. Life is way more simple (and abundant) than you can ever imagine!

So go out there and work your magic!

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