Menstruation after birth, honoring your blood

Something we do not talk enough about is how it is to get your period back after you give birth. The hormonal rollercoaster after giving birth, with breastfeeding, then getting your cycle back... it's not an easy journey. I share this, because, it's time we honor the divine mothers out there.


My first bleed 🩸 after giving birth was the most intense I’ve ever had.

Not painful, just very intense.

I bled more than I ever had in my life, and it was even hard to stand up at times because it felt uncomfortable, almost like my vulva would "fall out" 🤣

I normally like to go on walks during my bleed but that first bleed was intense.

I also notice that my milk supply decreased quickly, and I had to support my supply with supplements and my homemade lactation cookies (I know, I will share the recipe soon!).

The fascinating thing was that each bleed was different for around 4 months, it started around 6 months after I gave birth but it was right "on time" every month.

I believe that my deep understanding of my cycle and my connection to it for over 9 years helped me after giving birth. But the hormones, the longer bleeds.... it was another layer of learning to understand my body again, and connecting back to my body.

I understand that women “don’t want it”. That for some it's just uncomfortable and painful.

Truth is, it shouldn't be painful - PMS is not a "normal" thing, even though it's common, we are not meant to be in pain during or after our bleeds.

Cyclical living and understanding our flow is a great tool on your embodiment journeys. To understand that your cycle, your hormones, the color of your blood, is all connected to your health and wellbeing.

Understanding our bodies is empowering, and we have the right to know, feel and understand our bodies - knowledge about ourselves is power, which can lead to divine wisdom.

After working with my menstrual cycle and teaching about it for years I truly honor it.

Yes, it’s not “rainbows and roses” to have it. But it’s such a Divine key to such great feminine wisdom.

Our wombs hold such powerful lessons.

We take our bodies for granted.

We take our bleed for granted.

For me, I can get deep spiritual guidance while I bleed if I truly allow myself to honor my feminine womb wisdom.

"So I thank you body, thank you womb, thank you for being a home for my child. Thank you for showing me every month that I can release what’s no longer serving me. Thank you 🩸♥️🩸"

If you are interested in connecting to your womb, I have a Womb Medicine Course coming out soon - get on my newsletters to be the first to hear about it!

I also want to honor the mothers that have experienced loss, or are trying to conceive, because our blood can bring up feelings of the loss to a whole new level.

I know it was a triggering time in my life, to bleed after I gave experienced miscarriages...

If you have experienced loss, I see you.

I have another blog post about 12 things that helped me on my journey to healing after my losses.



Before you go:


Connecting to your menstrual cycle and cyclical living can help you embody your confidence and get a deeper understanding of your body

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