Are you feeling lost after giving birth?

"88% of women do not get any guidance from the medical system on how to return to their activities of daily living, exercise or sex after they give birth."

Many women report that they are still experiencing symptoms that they developed immediately postpartum for up to 3 years and beyond.

Pregnancy and birth are usually the first life events that start a woman on the path of disconnection from her own body and left unaddressed, this may show up in her daily life in many ways such as physical pain and discomfort, lack of confidence in her body’s abilities and decreased sexual enjoyment and desire.”

I coach women on how to connect to their bodies and after I gave birth I felt like I needed to coach myself. After my 6 week check-up I felt defeated, learning that I will have do a lot of pelvic floor therapy before even being able to workout.

Reconnecting to my body again was not a straight road. My sensuality has always been a big part of who I am, and I felt so far removed from my body, my sensuality and myself at times.

So grateful for my beautiful baby (& body) but also realizing that it would take a a bit for my body to feel like mine again.

I keep being in awe of what women go through.

I share my story and I am being honest with my journey because so many women go through this in silence.

The thing that has given me so much pleasure is now taking a long time to heal.

The thing is, growing a human is work.
9 months inside the womb.
Intense labor and birth.
Then the body will do whatever it takes to heal and finds its way back to what “it was”.

Every day I felt super proud of my body and my vagina for doing this incredible hard work.

But every day I also had moments of frustration.

Especially that I still had pain and discomfort in my vagina and that recovery was “a bit more complicated”.

And you know what??

It’s OK to feel empowered and defeated at the same time.

It’s OK to be in awe of your body and still feel upset.

I know I felt that. For I wished nothing but to be able to feel connected to my vagina again in a pleasurable way.

That’s the truth.

Did I allow myself to be patient about my healing journey post baby? Yes.

Did I also feel like it was impossible at times and that the road felt long (like how the heck will my body feel like mine again)? Yes.

A year after giving birth I can say that I feel like myself again, sure with a bit more loose skin, but I have a whole new appreciation for my body.

We can feel it all at the same time, that doesn’t mean that I will give up or that I don’t appreciate where my body is in this moment.

YOU are OK to feel it all. Sadness & confusion, happiness & joy.

And it’s also OK to feel any of it when you are supposed to just be happy about having a baby” - you are a woman, a human, not just a mother.

A woman with needs and you deserve to feel like your best self.

If you are struggling to find your way back to your body after giving birth (or any other reasons), then my coaching program Embodied Empress might be what you need.

A journey to help you gain core confidence and yourself again.

Xo Linda


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