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Reconnect with your inner self - Linda Addis, your spiritual guide towards self-acceptance

Have you ever felt that you are not enjoying the moments as much as you would want to? Are you, maybe, experiencing loneliness, numbness, and a sense of detachment? Do not get discouraged. It is very common that women due to traumatic experiences, heightened stress, or lack of confidence may sometimes get detached from their inner selves. But it is high time that you reclaimed your life.

We all deserve to find inner peace and true self-acceptance

My name is Linda Addis and I am a spiritual guide. I coach women how to become more confident in their bodies and reconnect with their sensuality, inner badass, and heal from any traumatic experiences.

My background I grew up in a small town in Sweden and throughout my life I have traveled to many countries experiencing various cultures.

I have worked in the Pr/ Marketing and Real Estate Property Management field but I decided to follow my passion (my calling) and create my own business.

While I was growing up, I lost my faith somewhere along the way. At some point I was feeling so disconnected from the world and myself that I started having an eating disorder at the age of 17, which led to endless partying during my early 20s.

After that, I stayed for some time in Australia, Stockholm, and in the US, when I decided to move to San Francisco.

Life in San Francisco wasn’t what I would have hoped for. I had gone out of a recent relationship, my finances were being drained, and my self-esteem had been crushed after involving briefly with a really toxic partner. I had hit rock bottom!

Spirituality and Mindfulness

That was the time I started getting control over my life. I started eating vegetarian/vegan food and got involved with the spiritual world. I’ve realized that all this time I had been concealing my true self from the world trying to fit a “perfect” frame. That led me to deal with anxiety, depression, endometriosis, and even acne, amongst others.

My body was telling me that something was "off".

Through my healing journey, I managed to study myself and my most intimate needs, I’ve come to accept my deepest shadows and give myself a voice and a chance to express my true nature. I will be eternally grateful to my teachers who helped me reach my inner core and helped me in this journey to discover myself.

“We all have this guru inside us, we all have the ability to heal”

This is the most important lesson I taught myself and this is what I have been trying to do from that moment onwards. For this reason, I created the Embodied Empress program to help women unleash their inner goddesses and reclaim their self-worth and sensuality.

Connect with me on Instagram or go HERE find more info about what I do.

Remember that you are all meant for greatness, and together we can find how you can manifest that greatness and reclaim your life.

Please get your FREE gifts before you go!


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