Solar Eclipse & a New Moon in Sagittarius

We entered a powerful portal of light on 12/12 that will continue and intensify on 12/21 and today we will experience a Solar Eclipse along with a New Moon in Sagittarius - all of this energy is inviting us to DREAM BIG! Yes, in the midst of chaos and winter, we are being invited to dream big for ourselves and for the collective. Read more about how you can use this energy...

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December 2020, Solar eclipse, New Moon in Sagittarius and a light portal opening on 12/12 and the importance of December 21st.

Today is the end of a current timeline, we are literally closing the current timeline with the Solar Eclipse and that's why I (and others) have been shown potential upcoming timelines ahead of us.

It's a very potent time to dream about the world you wish to see for humanity and for our future generations. I have been writing about the world I want to see recently, a world with FREE choice, where we are allowed to be self-express, and our uniqueness are celebrated. Where we are free to chose for ourselves and our children and where love rules over hatred and fear.

With this energy of the 12/12 portal we are truly invited to think about what kind of world we want to live in.

Like I have mentioned the last couple of days, I was sitting in fear but I realized that I need to pull my energy away from the 3D world that we live in to focus on the future I want to see for the world.

I encourage you to do the same. Try and not think about everything that is wrong in the world, or in your life. This is a time when we are encourage to think about the things that we want to see.

Be the leader you wish you had in the world we live in. Be the change you wish to see.

This new timeline will bring more connection to a wider galactic realms than the galaxy we normally connect with - more than the traditional astrology realm we most of the time talk about (current astrology will almost seem limiting).

The more we are opening our hearts - the more we will be pulled into the future and into the light.

Use this solar energy, this optimistic energy that bring so much light into Earth right now - along with a positive New Moon in Sagittarius energy.

We are here to bring in the new, and listen to your intuition if you have to pull away your energy from the "regular" world right now. Again, that is why I am choosing to pull away my energy from social media right now for an unforeseen future. To focus on love and to continue to raise my frequency.

Also our bodies are going through an upgrade and our bodies needs to be supported, and to stay grounded. Listen to your bodies needs, we need more minerals than usual and extra supplements. Because our bodies are working on such a high level - I am adding extra magnesium to my diet right now ( I have also been drawn to dark chocolate the last week - to be grounded). Drink water! The more water we have in our bodies the more light we can bring into our bodies.

This is a perfect time to do manifestation work for future projects that you want to bring into fruition.

Connect to earth every day from now on until 12/21 - this light can make us feel overwhelmed - which can lead us to feeling tired, or achy, so allow yourself to be in nature.

We are entering the age of Aquarius of 12/21! This comes with great optimism and a new faith of some powerful and high vibe blessings for humanity. Things are falling apart for a New Earth to be built.

There is talk about the new star of Bethlehem (during the cosmic light event on 12/21) and there is also a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto!

Main focus is our heart chakras - our portal and gateway. Let your hearts burst open, like a star in our hearts that is activating your whole being.

This will change our DNA and bodies - and the auric field around us!

This light will activate the Earth as well.

New Moon, end of the year contemplation & New Year ritual

The Sagittarius energy is optimistic and invites us to dream big, it's bring big visionary dreams of the future and it brings us a lot of hope in the midst of this darkness.

I suggest creating your own little ritual, and allow yourself to nurture yourself with rest and self-care.

You can also take some time to write New Moon intentions (more info about how to do a New Moon ritual HERE). You can even set some wishes for humanities greatest good.

I am also planning to have a whole day to create on Monday 12/21, during the light portal and Winter Equinox. I am planning on creating vision boards and to continue writing about the world I want my baby boy to grow up in.

Go inward & connect to your heart.

I also encourage you to take your time this week to reflect of the year, look at how much you have accomplished, and how much you had to overcome.

Celebrate how resilient we all have been!

Here are some journal prompts to contemplate:

- What’s standing in your way of your freedom and how can you change the way you see this? (example, we are in another lockdown and we can feel locked inside, you can feel like you are in a prison. Or you can chose the way you look at it and see how this is an opportunity for you to go inwards and focus on your own healing, connecting to your intuition, read, creative and dream of a peaceful world.)

- What do you want to acknowledge yourself or this year?

- What’s your word for next year? And why?

Write an acknowledgment list - things you have accomplished - these doesn’t have to be big things. We accomplish things every day.

Why is this important? To give ourselves acknowledgement! Because that makes us keep wanting to continue to take action, because we are worth it!

Goals/visions/intentions for next year - write them down. Once you have written them down - visualize them!! You can also do a vision board (you can do one through Canva), or create a vision board candle (new blog post coming soon about how to make a vision board candle).

Have fun and continue to focus on what you want to see in the world - what world do you want to live in?

Blessings dear ones

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New Moon in Sagittarius brings us visions of an optimistic future for humanity, it's time to dream big!

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