The frequency on Earth is lowering, it almost as low as during World War II.

This year has been hard for most, it's been challenging in many ways. I keep seeing the bigger picture, and different time lines a head of us. I have had a deep spiritual journey this week and many downloads and messages came through from the Divine/Source. This is what came through yesterday and for me it shifted something inside of me. Here is what we all can do to raise the frequency of the Earth, and why embracing these lockdowns can be the best thing we can do.

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Channeled messages from Divine. Energy update about the world and the chaos & revelations that 2020 has brought with it.
The frequency of the Earth is almost as low as during World War II, but the Earth is being blasted with light within the next few weeks. The collective consciousness the vibration of the world is decreasing, and it is our job as individuals to raise our own frequency and therefor be a part of raising the collective frequency.

I was being shown visions of a dimmed, dark and gloomy world, where we all were walking around like robots and I realized that me pushing people to wake up only makes me be a part of it all, by pushing "my agenda" on others. I kept being shown and told:

"Humans are losing their faith and are putting it into the hands of people trying to play God.

They are so far removed from the truth that they are blinded and can’t see the whole picture, only what’s in front of them, blindfolded with fear. But it is also part of the collective awakening, everything around you has to fall apart in order for something new to be rebuilt.

They say they don’t have faith but they have faith in their “logical” mind, in one perspective, a faith that keeps them a prison in their own mind. But it's for themselves to realize that they are prisoners and that they have the choice to create their own reality".

This is just one time line that is being shown, and we can actually take responsibility and use these lockdowns to go inwards and to listen to our intuition and disconnect from the Matrix and tune into the frequency of love.

I will continue to believe that humans can raise beyond this and start seeing the truth as many are waking up. But the truth is also that this low frequency of the world is pulling us towards a timeline of repeating history.

We still have a choice, free will is still here, and I pray every day that people will wake up from their slumber.

My heart truly felt like it shattered in pieces when I heard and felt this truth. That so many are so lost. I sobbed hard and for long for hours. But then I knew that I need to move away from those thoughts and focus on compassion towards the world.

I pray that humanity will start to see beyond what’s going on.

"This is a time in humanity where people worship reality stars like God’s, where Hollywood is above it all with other rules than the rest of us.
Where we get our “truth” from the news.
Where we want a quick fix to 'fix our health' rather than going to the root cause. Where we put our hands in big pharmaceutical companies that are controlled by greed."

"Humans have become so lazy. They don’t think for themselves. They feed into the fear based collective rather than seeking the truth inside, in love."

Yes many are awakening. Let’s not forget about that.

The world is filled with polarity right now - you vs me. Us vs them. The good vs the bad.

When it’s not like that at all. The bigger picture is not about anything vs anything. It’s about unity and about unconditional love.

I can not do anything about helping people see this, it's not my job to wake people up. Rather focus on being in my highest frequency and focus on living my life, my purpose.

Because the purpose of life is just living, to get to know yourself. It’s not a concept outside ourself or in others but yet you rather search on the outside.

A portal of light will be opening on 12/12 and a blast of light is coming towards Earth on 12/21 and I know so many of us will us this time to truly focus on the world we want to see. To focus on envisioning, creating, being and breathing in the highest frequency.

I pray that we are heading towards a time line of love and unit and FREE CHOICES.

I will never stop praying for a New Earth.

Now I will retreat and focus on the world I want to see in our future, a New Earth. I will focus on being in my bubble with my little family and welcoming our baby boy into this world.

Bless you all and may you all find bliss again, may we all take off those blindfolds and see above what’s going on.

Taking a step back from Social Media

With these realizations last night it become clear to me that I have been loving the world with conditions. I have been focusing on the flaws, and I have been desperate in trying to make others see.

But we cannot help others wake up, we cannot push healing on others, we cannot do the work for others. The more I try to fix the world, the more fixing it needs because that is just something I keep projecting.

I have to love and accept the world the way it is.

Meet the world from where it is, not where I want it to be.

I will speak my truth for the ones that want to listen, but I will have to silence the noise.

The noise I kept hearing was on the other Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, I let it drain my energy. Speaking up about that we all need to question the reality we live in, the current guidelines, being against the new vaccine just led to more fuel to fed to the matrix - and with all of the shadow bans, the censorship and hiding of hashtags going on - these platforms no longer feels like a safe place to express myself.

So I withdraw my voice from those places until I decide otherwise.

Refocusing and "the right people", the ones that are suppose to read my messages will stumble upon this blog and find me, or not. That is OK too.

No more pushing others to wake up, because that it just me doing what others do - pushing my agenda. No more pushing to be understood. Just being and living.

For now it's about:


Truth is, in order to be the light I cannot continue feeding into the fear. I cannot lower my own frequency because I feel fearful of a potential time line a head of humanity.

I have to stand in my truth, realign, and rise my frequency and continue to love humanity and focus on the journey to motherhood ahead.

I await more instructions from Divine Source until I know how I can continue to best serve humanity.


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