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The journey to motherhood isn’t always easy

Updated: Jan 12

The road to motherhood can be a bumpy one for many women. 1 of 4 women have been through pregnancy loss/miscarriage, and many have to go through this pain alone. Through my pregnancy journey I have learned to listen to my body in a whole new way and throughout my pregnancy I never stop being fascinated about the creation of life and my heart will forever be with women that struggle or that have lost.

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Photo taken during my second trimester, when I first "popped".
It doesn’t go a day when I connect to my baby boy in my womb that I think about all the mamas out there that have lost and that are trying to conceive.

The journey to motherhood takes sacrifice no matter if you have lost or not. It takes courage, it takes healing, it takes love and commitment.

No matter what your story is and how short or long your journey is I just want to say “hooray” to you mama!”

You don’t have to carry a child in your womb to be a mama, some might not even want their own children but maybe they are a mama to someone anyway.

Women are incredible.

This journey to motherhood has humbling me to a whole other level.

It has taken me through some dark times, but it has all been meant to happen.

I know I had to experience my loss and my journey to heal my wounds - my womb wounds. To be who I am today and to be able to connect to women, such as my clients on

a whole new level. And to regard life as truly a miracle because it’s not an easy journey to even make it into this life.

I can only keep counting my blessings and keep being thankful for my baby boy and for this pregnancy.

For each day is a miracle. Feeling each kick, each movement it brings a level of joy in my heart that I have never experienced.

But my heart will forever be connected to all the mamas that suffer, that struggle, that are in pain, that are longing.

Pregnancy is an initiation

It’s healing, if you let it

It’s our chance to let go of the things that we are still carrying




It changes a woman





I am seeing it as a journey that keeps unfolding

But it’s not just the actual pregnancy

It’s the road there

When a woman decides to be a mother

She must walk the road through the underworld

She must make sacrifices

Some experience loss along the way

Some have to endure painful treatments

Some babe to pray for the child to come for a very long time

The endless wait each month

Yet the women doesn’t give up, maybe only at times

She keeps waking through the underworld

At times she might feel stuck or fearful

Will she even make it there?

The journey to motherhood is different for each women

We salute all women that decide to walk this path

We celebrate the mother’s that have lost

We celebrate the mother’s that keep fighting every day

We celebrate the births and their bodies

Know that you, beautiful woman, are a strong warrior.

Your journey matters

There is nothing wrong with you

Let’s celebrate the journey of all mother’s

Let’s celebrate their journeys

Let’s celebrate the road and the sacrifices they have to make in order to create life

Mamas - You are all heroes!

Xo, Linda

To the mother’s that have lost
I see you. I am with you. I hold you
I hear your cry
Your pain is valid
We want you to know that you are not alone
You are strong and courageous
We want to encourage you to allow yourself to feel the sorrow and we want to encourage you that you can move through this.
Your pain and loss matter
You are resilient
You are magnificent
You are enough

A s

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