How you can use visualization & affirmations for childbirth.

One of the things I have always loved throughout my healing journey is visualization & affirmations. Affirmations have helped me believe in myself when I have doubted myself, it has been words that I have repeated over and over again until my conscious & subconscious mind believes me. So why not add it to childbirth?

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Visualizations & affirmation are powerful tools to prepare yourself for childbirth

I am right now in my third trimester, in week 32, and I am nesting and doing everything I can to prepare my body and soul to birth our baby boy.

I know that I can only do so much because our baby and my body can possibly have other plans once it’s time for his birth.

I accept that. But I am not going to leave everything up to chance.

I want to feel empowered every step along the way.

I want to feel empowered with any potential choices I will need to make and I want to understand the process of labor.

I trust my baby boy, and I know he knows how to be born and I know my body knows how to birth him.

One of the many good tips I have got along the way is to make affirmation cards, and that’s what I have been doing.

I have a small box of notes to read during labor, that my support team can read and I am making larger papers that I will put up around the house so I can read them every day to mentally prepare myself.

To believe and know that I am fully capable of this.

Overcoming fear in childbirth

I have worked through so much during this pregnancy. I have sat with my fears around childbirth. I have realized that so much of my fear was put on me by society, how we are programmed from seeing screaming women in Hollywood movies, and from my own traumatic birth.

I have been afraid of not being able to birth my baby naturally and vaginally (without medication) and I have been afraid of not being able to handle the pain.

I have learned along the way to face my fears and voice them and with that embrace them!

I don’t know how I will feel when the labor really kicks in, I don’t know how I will handle the pain.

But what I do know is that I can try and prepare myself as much as possible for the unknown, to embrace the pain and be with the pain rather than running away from it.

This is what I am doing with visualizations, affirmations, yoga, breathing, being, and connecting to my body and baby.

I feel very inspired as I am taking the time during this pregnancy to write these affirmations. Because it makes me realize that I truly can do this, and if for some reason I need help (interventions) along the way I will feel empowered to make those choices because if I would need any medical interventions, I will know that at that moment it's the best for my baby boy and me. But I will do everything in my power to try and surrender to my baby boy's birth, and allow him to guide me through labor.

I want to know the steps and I don’t want anyone to tell me they know about my body more than I do.

I trust my baby and my body and I am going to keep those mantras in my head as I am moving closer to labor.

It's also fun and meditative to sit down and be crafty in times like these. Take time and use some fun markers and then post these affirmations around the house.

I hope this helps on your own journey through childbirth!



Affirmations, childbirth, childbirth prep
Affirmations for childbirth can help reprogram your subconscious mind and help release any fear you might be holding on to

Be creative and fun when you create your birth affirmations

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