Why charging for sessions as a "healer" is so important

We all love freebies, free master classes, free everything! I get it, but truth is, do you really value free information when it comes to your healing journey? Inventing in yourself might be the greatest investment you will ever make, but still people tend to think healing is too expensive. Let's look at it this way - how will your life look like ten years from now if you keep doing the same thing, keeping getting the same lessons, but without breakthrough?

“Why do you charge so much for a healing session?”

That's a question I keep getting, after years of coaching. I get it, I use to be the same, always looking for a great deal (still love great deals!). But something I learned along the way is that IT'S WORTH SPENDING YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON YOURSELF.

Most high priced coachers I know, including myself, have spent hundred of thousands of dollars on trainings, certificates, healing journeys, retreats....the list goes on.

We have invested our time, energy, money and soul into what we are doing.

There is a frequency behind your investment, there is a frequency in the investment you make in yourself. By committing to yourself, you make a soul contract to your path.

Honestly when you invest in yourself and your healing you actually tend to be more committed, then when you get a free session.

MONEY IS ENERGY. Read that again Money is energy. If you think you are not worthy of spending money on your healing, then you might be stuck in patterns of deep limiting beliefs that will keep you in loops.

Yes, this is a truth bomb. I say this from experience. I use to work for free, and I have done many donation based sessions/workshops/classes.

I still do “free” but I have been taught that there should be some kind of energy exchange, and truth is in modern society money is the current currency that pays the bills 💸😝

And if you are ever “in need” of a healing session but feel like it’s out of your price range right now, please reach out to me.

I am here to serve and I do offer to do sessions “donation based, pay what you can”

Energy exchange

Why do healers charge??

  • I worked for free and gave away free sessions for the first two years.

  • Then I realized that a) I need to pay my own bills and I need to make sure that the energy exchange is “even”

  • Truth is people don’t really value free stuff. They think they do, but when it’s free they don’t really take action. How many free things have you downloaded and say you would do?

  • Preparing before session

  • Asking friends for a discount because you have less income. If you think about this it’s like “hey, I have less money and I guess you don't. So can I have things for free?”

  • Don’t assume that we all make money. I just don’t see it like that. I am so grateful and any money feels like a fortune right now.

  • I have worked though my money blocks. People haven’t. They get offended about high prices. They forget to pay, they don’t tip... list goes on. That’s why I now charge up front. Easy and effective. Funny thing I know it pulls some away - because they feel weird paying up front.

  • But the thing I have had so many last minute cancellations or people that have forgot. I actually forgot one time, after my flight from Bali I was jet lagged and scheduled a session on the wrong time (date) and all of the sudden he called me when he was outside.

  • Money is not bad, money is not evil. Money is money, it’s an energy just like you and me. It’s paper or metal, and we add value to it. We get so caught up in thinking that when someone sells something or charges - especially in times like these they are greedy. We have to look at it differently. To be honest I work on my businesses over 12 hours per day. Mostly that’s creation, studying, writing and preparing. I spend so much time “not making money” if others would count it. But I don’t see it like that, I know money comes. I know I live an abundant life, and I am not scared of money. I know money always comes. When I am fully aligned in my purpose.

  • But I do think as clients of healing practitioners. Don’t underestimate the value they provide. Don’t think they “charge too much”

  • I am forever connected to my clients. Even the once I met once, I still can connect to them. I still care about them.

  • There is so much to being a healing practitioner and to hold space

  • Even when leading circle. The last two years we have not taken out any money. It all goes to rent of event space. But I love what I do, we love what we do. Because I get to connect people, support people and hold space for people. That’s priceless.

But please not that as we grow, as each business grows - and that’s the idea with a business - we have to charge for our services.

My dad always said “don’t work for free”, and I have always been bad to follow that rule - because I work so much for free. And that’s Ok, he didn’t even mean just money.

It’s energy exchange. If you can’t pay me in money, then what can you offer?

Back in the days healing practitioners got a free space to stay, food, etc.

We have to understand that it’s all about give and receive.

If we become too greedy and just take, take, take. We will be left feeling empty, because somehow we are just taking energy but never giving. - sounds like you would have plenty then? But it’s actually the opposite, greed can come in many forms.

So notice how you feel when you see practitioners set prices.

I knaw that what I can offer is priceless. I just have to set a price and when you invest in that session/coaching etc you invest in you!

I don’t see it as you pay me, you pay yourself. You pay into your own healing. And if you are being cheap with your own wellness and healing you will not get the result you want.

Like warren buffet said “the best investment you can make is in yourself”

Just something to think about. You wouldn’t go to your job and work for “free” right? I am sure you might even be complaining about not making enough money?

So that’s where the revive and gives come in.

We need to give more. Complain less.

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