How will your life look like a year from now if you continue the way you have always done?

Do you feel stuck on your spiritual journey?

With your spiritual business?

Do you crave deeper understanding of who you are and everything around you?



Allow yourself to tap into The Empress Codes and align yourself to your highest frequency.

The Empress Codes started to come to me in 2019 by the form of divine golden codes, but I was not sure what it all meant by then.

I was shown an apprenticeship program by my guides in the beginning of 2021, but I knew it had to come from love and not ego.

I let it sink in, I released attachments to it. Then during the last few months of 2021 others asked me if I am planning to hold space for deep mentoring.

Again, I knew that if it would come, I would know without a doubt.

Then I started to hear whispers of deep release, that my business and my offerings would change.

 During a ceremony I experienced (ego) death, and surrendered to our Creator. 

The next day in deep lucid dream state the Empress Codes came to me so clearly. I knew it had to be offered. I also knew I had to take action right away, to get the wheels turning.


I am being fully guided.

I go deeper than I have ever gone before in any training.

I will not hold back.

This is a journey to love, with love.

These codes can activate an infinite power in whoever chooses to join this path, a power to anchor into our own being, to access our own wisdom, to connect to the new grid system of Mother Earth and Source. A power that will bring you to an understanding of how YOU are here to create success, wealth, abundance and how to walk your Soul Path more clearly.

I know that whoever is meant to walk the Path of the Empress with me is not here to do it out of greed, but here to activate a greater purpose within self to make a real difference on earth.

To be a part of the light warriors and the great awakening that is happening on the planet.


To discover your inner empire, your strength, your depth, your purpose.


I have been given these codes to pass down and I trust that whoever feels called to join me on this journey will be there.

These codes of activations will bring deep activation in self. For YOU to become your own master, your own divine leader & embodied in who you are.


It takes COMMITMENT to your path so there is an application to start the process of saying yet to this journey.


This will bring your life to a whole new level.

Join me.

Trust the unknown.

Let me be your guide on this sacred journey.

Third Eye

  • Activation and remembering of your Soul Gifts (clairsentience, clairaudience….etc)

  • Deep understanding of energy healing & ALL chakra points (beyond the 7 chakras in our physical bodies)

  • Connecting and understanding your masculine & feminine energies on a deeper level

  • Up leveling in all areas of your life 

  • Mentorship on how to channel and connect to your Souls language (light language) & benevolent multidimensional beings.

  • Clear understanding of your lives purpose

  • Blueprints on YOUR own unique ways to attract love, abundance, wealth, health... (we don’t all have the same way to bring things into our lives)

  • Earth medicine tools for you to use in your practice 

  • Learn how to truly step into your power and how to protect your energy (empaths, this one's for you)

  • How to become a Master of Self & your own leader

  • Self-discipline and understanding of ancient cultures

  • Embrace your inner Warrior, strengthen your physical body and optimize your health and activate your physical body, deep DNA activations and biohacking to level up your health. 

  • Real life magic & deep training for you to practice and learn it to master life's gifts.

  • 1:1 mentorship

  • You are going to get the blueprint of my Soulful & Sensual Coaching program that you can use for your own clients (yes, you read that right!)

  • And much more!

BONUS: Sacred Embodiment Photoshoot to embody your inner Empress.


This is just the beginning.



You will also become a Certified Quantum Healer, Embodiment Coach & a Sacred Space Holder.


Limited amount of seats available, since this will be a very Sacred journey.

It will be a 9 months journey and we start on 2.2.22 (Divine union, Lunar New Year and right around New Moon), but don’t let the time scare you away, it’s for it to anchor deep into your being and for you to have enough time to take it at your own pace. Same amount of time it takes from gestation to birth.

There is also a very SPECIAL OFFER for this training, so trust your calling to take the first step.



Apply to get more info.

Please note, we will work through deep money blocks and we easily get lost in details when seeing a course that we feel drawn to. This program is for YOU to feel empowered with all of your choices and who YOU are, therefore there is a payment plan option with no extra fees, a plan where you decide how much to pay and when. You are in control of your life.

Are you ready to say YES to embody all that you are?

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The Story of
The Empress Codes




“a woman who is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire.” - Your own inner divine power, our own inner empire. For when we can stand in our own power we can overcome anything.

Are you ready to surrender?
Are you ready to commit and invest in yourself?
Are you ready to reclaim and embody all that you are?

Some of what this journey will entail:

Starry Sky

"Linda has helped me take my business and life to a whole new level. I could only dream of living the life that I now do. Thank you for guiding me to find my own truth." Alex